What Will You Do for Free Paper Week?

To do with your readers. . .

• Run a contest for the "oldest drawer or trunk liner" in the community. The winner must bring the paper to your office to claim the prize.
• Run a trivia contest about your paper or community and give away prizes to the winners.
• Print a photo layout of community sites that have since changed. Let the readers guess the sites and award prizes to the winners.
• Invite readers to express their feelings regarding your free paper. Print the good and the bad in a special feature.

To do with your advertisers....

• Ask key advertisers if you can include the free paper logo in their weekly ads.
• Set up a shopping center display. Mall organizers are always looking for displays that will attract people while shopping.
• Give a prize to the person who calls with the 13th (or whatever number you choose) classified ad for the week.
• Ask several of your consistent advertisers to write testimonials about how your paper works for them and print the testimonials with photos.
• Honor the longest continued advertiser who currently runs in your paper. Put the business owner's photo in the paper and run some of his/her early advertising.
• Offer all advertisers spot color during the celebration.

To do with your staff...

• Print the objectives, goals and mission statement of your business and how you strive to meet and surpass those ideas.
• Feature your employees in a photo and caption page describing what they do, what their first job in the free paper industry was and why they chose a career in the industry.
• Challenge advertising reps to a record breaking number of ads during the week and reward the efforts with cash prizes.
• Brainstorm with your staff and develop ideas on how to celebrate Free Paper Week.
• Encourage your staff to express their feelings regarding your free paper. Print the good and the bad in a special feature.
• Unveil some significant changes in your format, rates or policies during the week.

To do with your community ...

• Ask the mayor to proclaim March 16-22, 2008, as National Free Paper Week in your community and feature the proclamation and photo in your publication.
• Set up a shopping center display. Mall organizers are always looking for displays that will attract people while shopping.
• Make arrangements with local radio or television stations to get on their talk shows.
• Remind local civic presidents and program chairpeople about the celebration as far in advance as possible and offer to help set up a special program for them.
• Establish an annual competition in the name of your free paper for the best news story, photo or feature in the high school paper. Put a plaque in the school bearing the name of the winner each year.
• Sponsor an essay contest about how your free paper helps the community or why a free press is important.

To do in your paper...

• Run the Free Paper Week logo and advertisement in your publication. Contact your National , Regional or Statewide Association for the electronic version for your publication.
• Add the PaperChain and Free Paper Week logos to your masthead or flag.
• Explain the historical basis of the importance of free papers and the origin of the industry.
• Run a feature on the awards your free paper has won in various state and national contests.
• Explain in a feature how a story or an ad makes it to print - the people who write it, sell it, compose it, print it, deliver it, etc.
• Develop "Did You Know" fillers to use during the week. For example, Did you know. . . newsprint usage for one year would stretch from local point to local point; the combined experience of sales staff ; the miles driven by circulation people in one year; rolls of film or newsprint used; etc. (Use the facts available from the current
"Did You Know" sheet, below.)
• Feature a member of the community who is the same age as your publication. Highlight the growth of both.
• Whatever you do . . . Celebrate Free Paper Week.

Did You Know?

• That the combined circulation of all Free Papers is larger than that of all the dailies in the U.S.!!!
• The audited circulation of Free Papers is larger than the audited circulation of paid dailies by 33 %.
• That the Reader's Digest, with the world's largest magazine circulation, would seem small in comparison to the combined circulation of all the free papers in he United States and Canada!!!
• That all of the state, regional and national free paper associations are working together to promote the industry.

The Free Paper Industry

• Estimated 100,000,000 weekly circulation
• Estimated $3,900,000,000.00 industry
• Estimated over 1,000,000 classified ads per week
• First free paper was in England in 1472
• Products of the 20th century
• 1921 Cleveland (Ohio) Shopping News became the first free paper distributed on a regular basis
• "The free paper serve the merchants well in providing complete coverage of the market so necessary for these businesses to survive (Vic Jose - Free Paper in America)
• 2002 the free paper industry adopted PaperChain as the identifying brand and logo.

Free Papers by the Numbers (per Circulation Verification Council)

• 4500+ Total Audited Publications
• 66,188,000 Audited Circulation
• 97.1% Receivership
• 76.9% Readership
• More free papers across North America are audited each day

Free Papers Reach

• a majority of all household incomes, but it especially strong in the $25,000-$100,000 category.
• a majority of educations backgrounds, but is especially strong with individuals with college education levels.
• young people read free papers when they become involved in their communities. That's what makes us different from paid dailies!
• the ethnic segments of the population.
• the community. They are an integral part of the communities they serve bringing news, community events, and advertising our readers wait for each edition.

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