Treasurer's Report
The Community Papers of Florida (CPF) Treasurer Carlos Guzman updated the general membership on the financial shape of the association at the membership meeting at the recent conference in Stuart.

Guzman said, "During the first quarter of 2012, CPF had classified revenue of $85,441. This is $7,191 over the budget and $27,995 over the previous year's collections. Total collections for the first quarter were $113,696, $22,895 over budget and $43,960 over the previous year.

"Sales for the first quarter were $95,254, an increase of $8,956 over the previous year. Expense wise during the first quarter, the association spent $134,029. In this category, CPF was under budget by $3,588 and $5,296 below last year's figures.

"Assets of the association include $133,672.25 in the checking account, $227,122 in a Dreyfus bond fund, $51,652 in mutual funds, $72,632 in a bank disaster savings account, and over $205,000 in a bank money market account.

"The association has no debts.

"The net worth of the association is $1,124,773. Members of CPF are entitled to see the treasurer's reports. By contacting the CPF office, a PDF copy of the current treasurer's report will be emailed to a requesting member."


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