Tower Was the Big Winner!
By the luck of the draw and points earned, Tower Publications in Gainesville was the big winner in the fourth quarter of the Community Papers of Florida (CPF) "Best of the Best" network contest.

In first place for points earned was Ann Waite, who took home the $1,000 prize. Pam Slaven took second place honors of $700 and was the $1,000 winner in the drawing, giving her $1,700 to spend for Christmas. This made Charlie Delatorre, the manager of the classified department, the big winner with an equal share of the winnings - $2,700.

By the luck of the draw the Forum Publishing Group also took home some money for Christmas. Carol Chandoo won $700 and Sue Blackard won $250 in the drawing, giving department manager Mickie Carusos a total of $950.

Anna Vasquez of Hometown News won the third place prize of $400 in the points contest. Carol Deprey won $150 in the drawing, so department manager Pat Snyder, took home a cool $550.

At in Tampa, Melissa Kordewich won $400 in the drawing and Sue Reese won $150 for points earned. This totaled $550 for department manager Jennifer Ingram.

Finishing fourth in the points contest was Christy Crouch of American Classifieds in Tallahassee who won $250 as did her manager, Lisa Jemison.


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