Tons of $ Left to Win

2008 New Advertiser Contest

The Community Papers of Florida (CPF) is dishing out a ton of money to the telemarketing sales reps that are selling the CPF network ads.

During the first three months of the "2008 New Advertiser Contest," the association has paid 40 sales reps a total of $15,285. When the contest is concluded, a lot more money will be headed their way.

With falling classified revenues, the association zeroed in on a new advertiser contest. The sales reps receive $50 for each new advertiser sold. The rep's manager also receives $50. In addition, the selling sales rep will receive $25 for each additional week the new client places their ad.

At the end of each month (the contest runs from July 1 to December 31) a drawing is held for additional prize money. Each rep that sells a new ad has a card placed into the drawing. The drawing winner wins $500 for first place, $300 for second and $100 for third. Each manager of the winning reps receives an equal amount.

When the contest concludes, the overall winner (the rep that sells the most ads) will receive $2,500. The person in second place will receive $1,500. The person in third place will receive $1,000. Once again, the managers will receive equal amounts.

During the first three months of the new advertiser contest, those who have led the way with $500 or more in winnings are: Charlie Delatorre ($2,850), Ann Waite ($2,650) and Pam Slaven ($675) of Tower Publications in Gainesville; Pat Snyder ($1,385), Anna Vasquez ($1,075) and Eileen Huneycutt (775)of Hometown News; Christy Couch ($625) and Lisa Jemison ($500)of American Classifieds in Tallahassee.

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