The State of the Association
In his State of the Assocation address, outgoing President Justo Rey told the general members that, "During the past year, CPF has continued to be challenged with financial matters and your board of directors continues to find creative ways to thrive and maintain benefits. The good news is that for the first time in five years, sales in the classified network have shown an increase - our revenues are up close to $30,000 over the previous year; and while running slightly behind our 2014 budget, the increased revenue is a welcome change!

"To continue to provide the benefits the members are accustomed to, we have dipped into our rainy day fund to pay for this conference and other benefits the association provides. The board of directors has cut conference costs, office costs, salaries, contest awards, and travel costs. It has eliminated the legal hotline and our lobbyist firm, while maintaining a strong commitment to training and sales support.

"We have also, for the first time in many years, charged the attendees of this conference a portion of the hotel room costs. The $49 per night fee helps cover 40% of the room costs. The meals and receptions - adding up to over $500 per attendee - are paid by CPF. Not the same deal as in past years, but still one heck of a deal as a benefit for our members.

"We are able to move forward because of the financial success we had in past years. We invested money for a rainy day in mutual funds, money market accounts and a disaster fund. The net worth of the association at this time remains strong at over $400,000.

"The board of directors remains committed to providing members with an association that is one of the leaders in the free paper business. But the reality of the fact is that classified revenue throughout the industry has dropped dramatically. This tells us we have a lot of work to do and need to continue to find innovative ways to manage revenues and expenses while minimizing the needed expense cuts.

"At the board planning session in October, we will again be taking a close look at the association's revenue and expenses. The goal remains to keep CPF not only viable, but leading the way for other associations to follow the future of the Community Papers of Florida.

"This being my last conference as president, I want to thank first Dave, Barbara and Tiffany for their unwavering support and commitment to CPF. It has been my pleasure to serve this organization and work with a great board of directors; we have faced significant and uncommon challenges over the last two years and I can tell you, the board of directors is committed to the well being of our members. It has been an honor to serve as the CPF president for the past two years, but I leave the organization in great hands with Wendy assuming the leadership!!

"I will continue to work with this board towards a bright future for this association."


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