The President's Message: May 2010

Mission Accomplished!

It was show time in Orlando for the annual Community Papers of Florida (CPF) conference and what can we say?

The conference boasted great attendance, participation from members and, most importantly, some wonderful training seminars that were very well attended.

The object of the conference was to train, entertain and send team members home happy, with lots of ideas, awards and some with cash in their pockets.

Mission accomplished!

Congratulations to the Awards for Excellence winners. Over 200 award plaques were presented at the banquet; and judging by the video presentation, all were deserving.

Hats off to the telemarketing star from Hometown News. It was my pleasure to present Anna Vasquez with the Terry Hisken Telemarketing Excellence memorial award and a $500 check. She also picked up $1,500 for winning the CPF "Best of the Best" classified contest.

How about that Kentucky Derby reception? This event continues to be a tradition that is famous in the free paper industry, and this year's event was everything it was billed to be. Karen Moore, who selected Super Saver to win, doubled her money in the drawing and went home happy with $600 in her pocket.

Congratulations to Ashley Reed for being the recipient of the annual CPF scholarship fund. A $1,000 check was handed to Kelli Hull, general manager of The Pennysavers group in Daytona, to present to Ashley.

We continue to owe a great deal of gratitude to the Association of Free Community Papers (AFCP) for initiating The Leadership Institute (TLI). The programs taught at this conference by Rob Zarrilli and Chris Dayton were well attended and an important part of this conference.

A special thanks to Cal Bosveld, who traveled from Canada to share his ideas on "Print Is Alive and Well."

Peter Lamb headed a great Open Mic session. The panels may have been the highlight of the conference. Both the managers' panel and the sales rep panel were well attended and provided some great ideas to use. Peter moderated both these sessions.

A special thanks to all the vendors who attended. They were part of the Saturday morning session and provided short presentations of their products. We will invoice Richard Kitzmann of RAK Systems for the extra time he took to brag about the University of Alabama football team.

We are happy to report that the board of directors has named Joyce Sullivan an Honorary Member of this association. Joyce just concluded her term as Past President and has retired from the industry, but we want her to continue to join us at our conferences. She has served on the board of directors for a number of years, has served as CPF's president, and on numerous CPF committees. We thank her for her service.

For your information, it cost this association over $800 for each person who attended this conference. We thank the telemarketing reps that provide these funds.

Now it's time to start thinking about the 2011 conference. We will join AFCP on St. Pete Beach for another historic event.

The conference committee, headed by Vincent Grassia, will soon start working on the agenda. What you can expect is another great Kentucky Derby reception to conclude the event.

The ladies at Hometown News had a great idea: a hat contest at the Derby reception. I am looking forward to it.

Thanks for attending in Orlando.


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