The President's Message: February 2008

By Jim Kendall

It's Almost Conference Time!

As we get closer to our annual conference in May, it's important to know that due to overwhelming response, the number of rooms and people who can attend the conference will be limited this year.

The CPF office has E-mailed each publisher to ask how many persons from their organization will attend. Not everyone has responded. We still have some rooms remaining, but you need to get your requests in.

The Conference Committee has set the rules for attendance. Each publication has an allocation of rooms the association will pay for. The committee, for the present time, has cut off additional registrations beyond that allocation. If rooms are still available as we near the hotel cut-off date of April 1, the membership will be notified and CPF will entertain the request for additional rooms, one publication at a time.

If you wait until past the deadline, there is a good chance you will not be attending the conference.

At the recent board of directors meeting the board approved a change to the CPF Bylaws. The change will limit to one the number of persons from a publishing group who can serve on the board. This will be presented to the general membership for approval at the annual conference.

The board has agreed to appoint Jack Glarrow to fill the vacancy created by J.W. Owens, who has left the state to serve as publisher of the Savannah Pennysaver in Georgia. J.W. has served for many years on the CPF board of directors and has served the association twice as president. We owe J.W. a debt of gratitude for his service. Jack is the publisher of The Breeze Newspapers in Southwest Florida. We look forward to working with him on the board.

For my tenure as president, I have appointed the following to serve on the CPF committees: Carlos Guzman will head the Training Committee; he will be joined by Charlie Delatorre and Steve Erlanger. Steve Blais will head the Membership Committee; he will be joined by Gary Hawken and Wendy Murray. Justo Rey will chair the Finance Committee; he will be joined by Joyce Sullivan and Jackie Cesareti. Dan Autrey will head the Conference Committee; he will be joined by Carla Floyd and Garth Hawken. Vincent Grassia will head the Member Benefits Committee; he will be joined by Rhonda Hillier and Jay Rey.

The committee members will hold a planning meeting in October. They will also have phone conference sessions when required.

We thank these persons for volunteering their time.

Make a note that the "Awards for Excellence" entries are due in the CPF office by Thursday, March 13, 2008. This year there is a $5 fee per entry. The fees received will be returned to the artists and publications. We are always handing out cash to the sales reps - this time the artists will have the opportunity to win some serious money.

I look forward to meeting with you at the annual conference.

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