The President's Message: August 2010

The State of the Association

The Community Papers of Florida (CPF) Finance Committee recently met in Orlando to work on the 2011 budget.

The bad news!

Cuts in member benefits and the services the association provides will be recommended to the board of directors. Reduced areas of funding in the tentative budget include consulting services, the advertising budget, conference expenses and other items that were considered unnecessary.

The reason for the cuts is the CPF classified network, where revenue has dropped close to 40% this year. This follows a drop of 40% the previous year.

The good news!

During the past years of record-breaking revenue, this association was able to place funds into investment accounts for a rainy day. The goal of the Finance Committee is to keep CPF afloat until alternate sources of revenue can be established.

We will go into 2011 with over 1.2 million in investments. The plan is to use these funds wisely while looking at the future.

The joint conference scheduled with the Association of Free Community Papers (AFCP) will be held as planned. As in the past, you can expect a great conference with top speakers, The Leadership Institute, a great beach location, entertainment, outings for everyone, and the famous CPF tradition, the Kentucky Derby Reception.

Past President Joyce Sullivan and board directors Kelli Hull and Jose Alou have left the industry, creating three board vacancies. We appreciate the service they provided for this association.

In lieu of replacing the vacant board seats with appointments, the board opted to recommend to the general membership that the number of board seats be reduced from 12 to nine. This action must be approved at a general membership business meeting, which will take place at the annual conference in May.

The drop in CPF revenue is a priority that tops the board's list. In 2007 this association was taking in $29,000 per week. The drop has been dramatic. We are now down to $8,500 per week.

We need all of the association members to participate in the classified network. Your sales will help support CPF and you will retain 50% of the revenue.

To train your telemarketing reps, or to refresh them in the art of network selling, CPF has put together a two-hour sales seminar. The training is for both large and small publications, and we will conduct it at your facility. Call the CPF office at 877-373-3142 or 352-347-3384 to schedule this seminar, which is important to the future of this association.

- Charlie Delatorre, CPF President 


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