The President's Message: You Missed a Great Conference in 2017!
Rack up another successful conference for the Community Papers of Florida (CPF).

What made this conference great was the overall participation of the attendees in the training sessions. Publishers, managers and sales reps stepped up to the table and shared their knowledge, which was helpful for those attending.

Former CPF consultant Peter Lamb returned to moderate several well-received sessions. CVC President Tim Bingaman provided the members with updated circulation numbers. Board member and The Flyer President Justo Rey moderated several sessions, including the Three Minute Idea Fair and you have to give Justo credit - with a microphone in his hand, he takes control. He did an outstanding job. A special thanks goes to Lisa Del Monte of The Flyer, who provided a great video session on bundle sales.

Congratulations to Susan Griffin, general manager of the Ponte Vedra Recorder, for taking home the first place money in the Three Minute Idea Fair.

Congratulations are also in order for those who won awards for displaying their graphic and editorial talent by taking home honors in the Awards for Excellence competition.

CPF assistant Barbara Holmes took charge of this event and provided the members with the opportunity to use the Internet to enter the competition. The judging was also done on the Internet. This saved the association money, and the members that took part did not have to bundle their entries and send them to the CPF office. This also represents a savings of time and funds for the members.

Thank you, Barbara.

And by the way, Barbara also provided the awards video. Great job. The graphics on the screen were great and she did a great job of narrating. It was obvious she has a special talent in this field.

It was windy at the beach location! We had several receptions planned outdoors but due to the windy conditions, we made the decision to move indoors. The hotel provided great service and food.

Despite changing the conference dates due to Hurricane Irma, and the numerous problems it caused for members in the association to deal with, we are thankful for the members who made the investment to attend.

As noted in the state of the association address, classified sales from the members of this association have fallen to an all time low. What can we do about it? Where will we have a conference next year? How long can this association financially survive?

Those are questions we are putting in the laps of the board of directors. We will meet face-to-face in November and make some decisions.

CPF has provided numerous benefits over the years, including paying for most conference costs. For the past seven years the association has depended on our investments to continue its operations and provide member benefits.

We are looking for new revenue ideas. If you have any suggestions, let the CPF office know.

Thank you for attending the conference. The overall input from those who attended was that it was definitely worth the trip!


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