The President's Message: Winter 2015
The Community Publishers of Florida (CPF) has set its sights on another huge conference in the New Year.

As we did several years ago, we will once again join with the Independent Free Papers of America (IFPA) and the Southeastern Advertising Publishers Association (SAPA) for our annual conference September 28 to October 1 in Orlando.

And as we have the past several years, we will return to the Caribe Royale Resort. The Caribe is a great place to enjoy Orlando and Disney World. The rooms are true suites and the recreation offered is outstanding. Those who want to take advantage of Disney World will receive reduced rates after 4 p.m.

In the near future, the three associations will start looking at the conference program. With the costs being split three ways, we will have the budget to bring in some top industry speakers. As we did last year, we will also utilize the talent we have in the associations to provide some training sessions.

For the annual "Awards for Excellence" awards ceremony, the board has opted not to join IFPA and SAPA for this session. CPF will have a breakout session and will use the same format as we did last year.

The amount CPF will charge members to attend the conference will be determined by the board of directors at their January session. Last year the charge was $49 per night, and that fee included the meals and the sessions.

The revenue from the classified network continued on a downward trend this past year. With the many cost-cutting measures put into place early in 2015, we only had to dip into our reserves to pay for the conference.

We have added a new twist to the classified network (see the related article on page 6 of this newsletter) and we hope it will turn the tide for sales. In past years this association made some great memories, which can be attributed to revenue generated by the classified ads.

The terms of the CPF officers and directors end at the September 2016 conference. It will be my pleasure to turn the gavel over to the incoming president. At the January board meeting a nominating committee will be appointed. This committee will make recommendations on who will serve for the next two-year period. The recommendations will be presented to the general membership for approval at the business meeting that will be scheduled during the conference.

Place the 2016 conference on your calendar now.

Have a Merry Christmas and make it a great New Year!


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