The President's Message: Autumn 2016
What can you say?

If you attended the conference in Orlando, you know that the facility was outstanding, the training sessions were informative, the entertainment was toe-tapping, and we met with a great bunch of vendors who were a big part of the conference.

A lot of congratulations are in order for those who are responsible for hammering out the details of the annual conference in Orlando.

The joint conference sponsored by CPF, IFPA and SAPA was well attended and well worth the investment for those who made the trip.

The training, the three-minute idea fair and the breakout sessions provided plenty of ideas for you to take home and use to improve the bottom line at your publications.

We thank you for taking the time to attend, and hope you enjoyed meeting with your peers and sharing your knowledge with your fellow CPF members.

Congratulations to both the Presidential and the Milton & Bernice Beckerman Award recipients. Well deserving selections. Justo Rey was the Presidential Award winner for his volunteer work on behalf of the association, and Sally Yoder took home the Beckerman Award for her community service work. See the related articles in this newsletter.

The editorial and graphic talent of the member publications was on display when the "Awards for Excellence" awards video was presented. Congratulations are in order for those who took home the trophies.

With IFPA and SAPA joining us for this conference, we had the opportunity to meet with publishers and team members from throughout the United States and Canada. It was great to have them here.

As noted in the State of the Association address, the revenue of this association continues to go south. We need input from the board of directors and the membership on how to improve the classified network sales and for alternative income opportunities.

This association has long provided some of the best benefits in the print industry and the board members are going to have roll up their sleeves and go to work to keep this association on a roll.

I want to thank the membership for their vote of confidence and for confirming my role as president of this association.

But most of all, I want to thank outgoing president Wendy Murray for her two years of service in leading this association. She paid attention to detail and we respect the volunteer work that she has provided during these difficult financial times.

My challenge will be to follow in her footsteps.


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