The President's Message: May 2013

It's "Thumbs Up" for Another Great Conference!

Rack up a "Thumps Up" for the Community Papers of Florida (CPF) 2013 annual conference held recently at the Caribe Royale Resort in Orlando.

The Three Minute Idea Fair kicked us off with a roar as more than 10 ideas hit the creative floor. (Congratulations to the Winners!) A special thanks to Gary Hawken for being the moderator of this event.

Our well-attended Media Buyers panel followed the idea fair. David Crawford, Malanie Mathewson and Karen Hardison did a great job providing insightful answers to a variety of questions and even managed to have some fun along the way!!! Tim Bingaman from Circulation Verification Council (CVC) closed the first afternoon by providing an audit update. Both sessions were well attended and set us up well for the rest of the weekend.

Then came a spirited "Awards for Excellence" dinner banquet - the pace was fast as the hotel staff moved the banquet along. We moved quickly into the winners' video and into a "fun" photo session. Congratulations to all the winners.

Then came Saturday!!! Elaine Buckley took over and the fireworks of energy and tangible, real-world ideas took over! We had a full house and had to add chairs and tables to the room to accommodate those who attended, cramming in to learn from Elaine, who provided a wealth of information and stories. We will all remember Liberty Bell Burgers and the Jose Taco story! Dave estimated this Saturday's attendance was a record for any one CPF session!!! We can't thank Elaine enough for taking the time to travel from the West Coast to attend the CPF conference. And we have already heard of one $15,000 sale from somebody using an idea they picked up on Saturday!

As usual, the traditional Kentucky Derby reception closed the "official" program, leaving us with great memories of the 2013 CPF Conference. The ladies who wore hats in the "Hat Contest" were stunning, and congratulations go out to the winners. (Photos are elsewhere in this newsletter.) There were drawings for those who attended the training sessions and prizes by the luck of the draw. Congratulations to those who took the cash and other goodies home.

The National Anthem, the tradition of the singing of "My Kentucky Home" and the fastest two minutes in sports had attendees on their feet cheering and taking part in one of the greatest sports events in America. Thank you for attending.

We know that the planning that goes into a conference takes time and dedication. We thank the CPF staff for putting together another great conference. The timing and events were great.

A special thanks to Barbara Holmes. Even though her body was not there, her spirit was felt all over the conference!!! While being treated for breast cancer she provided the printed materials, the marching orders for each of us, and the programs that made this a successful conference. Barbara will soon have surgery and is on the way to a complete recovery. We missed having her at this conference.

Joyce Sullivan, a former board member and CPF president, volunteered her time to pitch in and keep us in tune to Barb's marching orders. She put numerous hours into making sure the conference was a success - thank you, Joyce! It was good to have you "back." As always, CPF employee Tiffany Clark and Howard Greenbaum provided the help needed to ensure a successful conference.

At the end of the Kentucky Derby reception, I noted that we look forward to seeing you next year. Yes, we will have a conference next year; location to be announced soon. If you all pitch in and help sell CPF classified network ads, we will continue to treat you like royalty.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, thank you attending the 2013 CPF conference.



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