The President's Message: October 2014
A special thanks goes out to the persons responsible for planning a great conference in Orlando.

For those who were not able to attend, you missed some inspiring speakers, great receptions, mingling with a large number of vendors, and knowledgeable speakers for the various training classes. For those who attended the sessions by Jay Baer, I am sure you will agree he was worth the investment of attending. It was also great to see our old friend Steve Tollivar back. He provided Friday evening's entertainment with the Trop Rock Junkies, who were a big hit.

By joining the Independent Free Papers of America (IFPA), the Southeastern Advertising Publishers Association (SAPA) and the Community Papers of Florida (CPF) into one conference, the associations were able to split the costs for the speakers - whose fees would have been too high for one group to sponsor.

A special thanks goes out to Doug Fabian and Gary Rudy of IFPA, Doulas Fry and Will Thomas of SAPA, and Dave Neuharth and Barbara Holmes of CPF for planning this event. IFPA and SAPA member Katie Thomas was responsible for the large vendor attendance. Great job, Katie.

Congratulations to the CPF editorial and graphic award winners. This time the awards were based on national competition, which makes the awards extra special for the winning members of CPF.

The CPF officers and directors will roll up their sleeves in October to set the budget for 2015. Network classified sales that fund the association remain tight, but we are committed to keeping this association rolling and to providing another great conference next year.

A special thanks to outgoing President Justo Rey.

If you go back a few years, this association was blessed with funding that made serving as president a cake walk.
To serve during difficult financial times takes a person who excels in leadership and can take the "Bull by the Horns." With the approval of the board of directors, he made difficult decisions and budget cuts. We thank Justo for his leadership.

In accepting the CPF gavel, I promise to continue to follow in his footsteps and, to the best of my ability, work toward the continued success of this association.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve.


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