State of the Association Address
In his State of the Association address at the recent Community Papers of Florida (CPF) annual conference, CPF President Jim Kendall said, "The classified network has taken a turn South this year and revenue for this association is down 42% over the previous year.

"That is the bad news.

"The good news is that for the past 10 years this association has been on a roll. Each year we experienced revenue gains which allowed CPF to expand benefits and provide the best in conferences and training. Because of this good fortune we were able to invest money for a rainy day, so now we can continue our goals for this year by tapping into those funds. We have over $1.3 million dollars invested and our net worth remains over $2 million.

"With the funds from ads the classified reps sold, we have been able to provide members with CVC audits, conferences with no cost for meals or rooms, training seminars, legal advice, an annual scholarship award, successful tax lobby efforts, promotion of the free paper industry through PaperChain, a great association Web site, a lending library and training tapes, regional training programs, a marketing consulting service, an annual Awards for Excellence program to honor our graphic and editorial stars, and a disaster fund that has over $70,000 invested to help members if an emergency occurs.

"The board of directors is committed to providing the members with these benefits. But the reality of the current economic trend tells us we have a lot of work to do.

"At the October board meeting we will take a close look at this year's revenue and budget accordingly. While we have deep pockets in investments, we want to use these funds to assure the future of this association.

"This will be my last conference as president of this association. It has been a pleasure to work with the talented members of this association, and a great board of directors.

"Next May it will be my pleasure to turn over the gavel to Charlie Delatorre, who will lead us into the future.

"Thank you for letting me serve as your president," Kendall said.

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