Rhonda Hillier Resigns from CPF Board of Directors
After serving on the Community Papers of Florida (CPF) board of directors for over 20 years, Rhonda Hillier submitted her letter of resignation in April.

Hillier served as CPF's president in 1998 and 1999. During that time, CPF supported and was instrumental in getting the "10-20-Life" bill passed in the Florida legislature. The law provides that when a person commits a crime with a gun, he will have a mandatory 10-year sentence. If the gun is fired, the convicted person will serve 20 years, If a person is killed, the sentence is 25 years to life.

Hillier was in the Capitol to witness Gov. Jeb Bush sign the bill.

In her resignation letter Hillier said, "It's time for me to resign from the CPF board.

"You have been wonderful to both Bob and me through the years, and I have some awesome memories that would not have been possible but for you.

"The Board contains some of the smartest people it's been my pleasure to know. Each and every one has treated me with great courtesy and some even with friendship.

"I will miss that time around the tables, listening to the leaders in our industry. I sat in awe of the ability and ingenuity of you, Justo, Carlos, Peter, Dan, Dick, Charlie and others who fight our good fight. I can't think of one other group I would wish to have been a part of ... except maybe last month's Powerball winners.

"May everyone succeed in their wildest dreams!"


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