Promotions Announced at The Flyer
Promotions announced recently at The Flyer in Tampa include Lee Smith, who has been promoted to Vice President of Operations.

When making the announcement, Chairman Richard D. Mandt said, "Smith has provided significant and crucial leadership during our restaging. He has built an impressive team. He is the point person in our joint venture with VCI."

Gwen Sparer has been promoted to Vice President, Major Accounts. Mandt said, "Sparer has done a wonderful job with these responsibilities locally, statewide and nationally. She is also a leader who recognizes the team members who contribute to our overall success."

Lisa Byrne has been promoted to Vice President, Automotive. Mandt said, "Byrne not only expanded her auto sales by 35% year-over-year, but she has worked with Justo Rey in developing an automotive team at The Flyer in South Florida and is currently leading print and digital for us."

Mandt announced that more growth and development news is in the future with their Digital Expansion, when Marc Mandt will rejoin The Flyer on March 31 as president of Flyer Digital.


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