"Print is Alive and Well!"
Print is Alive and Well" is the topic Cal Bosveld will address at 1:15 p.m. on Friday at the annual CPF conference.

Bosveld is the managing director of Digital Classified, where he served a six-month period in a consulting role before accepting this position.

In the past two years he has studied various online business models to get a clearer direction and understanding of where the natural opportunities lie for traditional print media in the online space, and how and why pure play online media businesses are succeeding. He did some volunteer community development work in Central America. He worked as a consultant for Metroland/Torstar for six months reviewing the wide array of fragmented digital activity over 100 newspapers.

Previously he was employed with Trader Corporation as the general manage of sales for Central Canada and the United States, overseeing revenue and strategic opportunities for over 90 automotive, real estate, employment and general publications and association Web sites. He also has served as group publisher.

Bosveld spent many years working in the community newspaper industry, originally for their family-owned newspaper, which was sold to Southam, Inc., in 1996.

Subsequent to the sale, he became group publisher for two groups of Southam-owned community publications spanning 10 communities with a combined circulation of more than 250,000 copies per week.

As group publisher, he was responsible for all aspects of the business. He came to Trader Media Corporation with a passion for sales and a wealth of operating experience in all the key areas of publishing.

At Trader Corporation, Bosveld has played a leadership role in the integration of print strategies that have successfully converged the two media channels with a balanced sustainable economic model. This continues to bring both great challenge and opportunity to publishing at Trader Corporation and across all channels of media.


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