The President's Message: April 2008

By Jim Kendall

Looking Towards May's Annual Conference

For the member publishers of the Community Papers of Florida (CPF), it was an easy decision to send team members to the CPF annual conference scheduled in Orlando May 1-3, 2008.

Free food, beverages, hotel rooms and a great training program - how can you go wrong?

What sessions should your team members attend?

We are kicking off the conference early Friday with The Leadership Institute (TLI). Rob Zarrilli, the TLI Dean, will provide a session on "Self Confidence: The Road to Personal and Professional Success." Send all your troops to this one - self confidence is a necessity in this business.

What's going on with the Internet? Peter Jackson is on hand to update you on what you can do to make some money. The Internet affects all of us. This session will be beneficial for your team members.

On Friday afternoon, TLI will provide two sessions for your sales reps. "Selling in a Tough Economy" and "Retaining Customers in a Changing Economy" are the subjects. These sessions will be repeated, so each of your sales reps can attend each session.

Concurrently with Friday afternoon's TLI sessions, Peter Lamb will moderate an open mike session for publishers.

We will conclude the Friday session with a Welcome Reception at 5:00 p.m.

The Saturday agenda will open with our keynote speaker, Stavros Cosmopulos, and his presentation titled, "How to Build a Successful Ad." Everyone should attend this session.

The noon luncheon will feature the "Awards for Excellence" session - and this year we will be handing out some cash prizes to the winners! It's your time to shine, so we suggest you wear business attire. We have allocated time for photo sessions, and we will make these photos available for you to use for self promotions in your publications.

Following this session, Ana Pican and Albert Fiegler will team up to provide a session for sales reps on how to "Add to Your Income by Turning in Proper Ad Copy." This is the same program that CPF has used for its regional training program and it should be of interest to all of your team members. By working together, we expect they will put a new twist into the presentation.

Circulation Verification Council (CVC) President Tim Bingaman will provide the final seminar, updating members on CVC audits and their work with Standard Rate and Data Service (SRDS). This session is of importance to all managers and sales personnel.

As usual, we will conclude the session with the Kentucky Derby Reception. Kick back, make a few bets, and enjoy the greatest three minutes in sports.

See you in Orlando!

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