PaperChain Update: Free Community Paper Industry Branding
Promoting and branding our free community papers is near and dear to all whose livelihood is based in this industry. While some of us have been at this for years, our industry is still very much in its infancy.

Unlike no other time in our history has the opportunity to assert our brand been as promising as it is today with daily newspapers experiencing dramatic losses in paid circulation and finding themselves seemingly unable to stop the erosion.

Despite modest growth in electronic and digital models, nothing delivers like strong local print products.

More members see growth in new areas once reserved for those paid products as a direct result of our free method of mass distribution and the need of marketers to reach local households with a proven product.

The success of an industry is never achieved strictly by reaching a preconceive plateau and remaining quiet, but more so by the constant promotion of the readily accepted method that solves a problem and delivers the desired results.

Free Community Papers have and will continue to deliver the required local results marketers of brick and mortar facilities must have to succeed and meet their goals.

Ensuring our individual and collective success continues to be strengthened and expanded, we are looking for like-minded free community paper staff members to volunteer for short-term committee work and brain-storming discussions to generate new methods to promote the industry.

Please consider supporting this effort by volunteering some time and encouraging co-workers to do the same. Call your association's executive director today and let him/her know we can count on your support.


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