PaperChain: Part 3
PaperChain is the Big Idea that's revolutionizing North America.
Back in Philadelphia in the 1770's, a bunch of guys had the big idea that if everyone worked together towards the same common purpose, real change would come about. They figured that if they spoke with one voice, the chances of being heard were pretty good.

Our Big Idea is a lot like that. For a long time, community papers have successfully been going about their business without drawing much attention from the people making national media purchasing decisions because, well, we just weren't on their radar screen.

Publishing Weekly Does Not Mean Performing Weakly

The days of anonymity are over. Together, community papers reach more readers than any other printed media. And now that we're united under one flag - PaperChain - media planners and buyers have the audited resource they need to make millions of new impressions every week.

As an audited member publication of the Community Papers of Florida, you are a vital link in PaperChain. Please use the Link & Learn brochures below (or in the "PaperChain: Part 1" and "PaperChain: Part 2" articles before this one) to learn more about PaperChain yourself or to train your staff.

File Downloads

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50 Ways to Reach a Buyer

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