PaperChain: Part 2
PaperChain is the Big Idea that's revolutionizing North America.

Back in Philadelphia in the 1770's, a bunch of guys had the big idea that if everyone worked together towards the same common purpose, real change would come about. They figured that if they spoke with one voice, the chances of being heard were pretty good.

Our Big Idea is a lot like that. For a long time, community papers have successfully been going about their business without drawing much attention from the people making national media purchasing decisions because, well, we just weren't on their radar screen.

Publishing Weekly Does Not Mean Performing Weakly

The days of anonymity are over. Together, community papers reach more readers than any other printed media. And now that we're united under one flag - PaperChain - media planners and buyers have the audited resource they need to make millions of new impressions every week.

As an audited member publication of the Community Papers of Florida, you are a vital link in PaperChain. Please use the Link & Learn brochures below (or in the "PaperChain: Part 1" article before this one) to learn more about PaperChain yourself or to train your staff.

File Downloads

Lessons from Steve Jobs
Five Secrets for Leading a Great Sales Meeting
A Question of Success (Actually 5 Questions)
How Important is Price?
The Value of a Good Sales Manager
Dealing With Objections
10 Rules of Communication
Cashing in on "Co-Opportunities"
Three Roles of a Sales Manager
The Three Roles of a Sales Manager, Part 2 - The administrator/enforcer role
The Three Roles of a Sales Manager, Part 3: The trainer / coach role
The Unique Power of Print
Are Your Presentations ... STICKY?
Don't Wish for a Happy New Year, Make it Happen!
Defending Your Accounts From the Competition
Mind Reading for Sales People
The Power of Advertorials
Raising the Dead (Accounts)
To Get What You Expect, You Must Inspect!
Finding the sharpest needle in the stack: Recruiting skills for managers
The best way to foul up is not following up
Take the Inside Track to More Sales
Opening Minds Closing Sales
30 Years 30 Lessons
Going After the Big Fish – Selling Major Accounts
Planting the Seeds of Success in the New Year
Selling Against Outdoor Advertising
Two Books + One Blog = A Better Salesperson
Customers are Tuning Out Radio
Partnership for Success
Beyond Smiling & Dialing
Link & Learn Hits a Milestone
But I Thought You "Liked" Me
Great Feedback = Great Sales Teams
Once Upon a Sale
Surviving & Thriving in Interesting Times
Putting Track Shoes on the Gazelle
Ask & Ye Shall Receive ... the Sale
Aristotle on Selling Advertising
The Right Tool for the Job
Five Steps to Creativity
How Are You Doing With Those New Year's Resolutions?
Competing Against Social Media
The Art of Deep Conversation
Motivating and Compensating Your Sales Team
Getting Them to Buy With a Little Help From Your Friends
Overcoming the Toughest Objections
Now Playing: Media Wars - the Print Force Awakens
Making Change Happen!
Finding the Right People for the Job
Welcome to Our Company - Getting New Employees Off to a Good Start
SRDS - Your Connection to National Advertisers
Leaders Are Readers!
Direct Mail - Competitor or Opportunity
Dealing With National Agencies
New Year - New Opportunities for Growth

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