PaperChain is Promoting Free Paper Industry
PaperChain continues to work to bring positive awareness to the Community Paper Industry. We have forged a very productive relationship with D&G Communications, a public relations firm headed by Sharon Patterson. Sharon worked in our industry prior to starting her agency so she knows who we are and what we can provide to the advertising community. From the other side of the fence, the agency/media buyers side, she has a keen sense of how we are misunderstood. This dual understanding has provided her a perspective that is shown in the message she has created for us.

There are many initiatives currently in progress that are driving our message home under the umbrella of PaperChain. All of them aim to raise awareness of the importance and effectiveness of community publications within their individual markets.

The initiatives include many forms of outreach to the Media Buying community. We have created "white papers" discussing our industry and tying it into the business of the blogs and sites that they have been distributed to. These include the sites for AAAA and AAF, national associations representing the Advertising Agency business. We are hitting them right at home.

We have also created social networking sites on Facebook and LinkedIn, and Twitter will follow soon. These pages will attract a more peripheral audience and keep us exposed to the younger business demographic.

We have also created a PURL (personal url) postcard campaign. Over 17,000 postcards will be distributed directly to individual media buyers and agency personnel, and they are printed with their individual names and addressed to them personally. The card expresses the value of community publications with relevant audit results for the industry. Included is the fact that we bring "explosive results" to the recipient's clients. We also announce that as an industry we reach 65,187,292 targeted households, 74.4% of whom report making purchases based on advertising found in community publications. We also announce that PaperChain publications provide 100% AUDITED circulation.

Beyond expressing our publication strengths, the real purpose of the PURL postcard is to generate a direct and immediate response. We invite the receiver of the card to go to the web and enter a website with their name in it (i.e. to qualify for a free $10 Starbucks gift card. When the recipient goes to the address we add their e-mail address to our growing e-mail database for future marketing programs.

One of the uses of the e-mail database is to distribute the recently completed PaperChain e-brochure. It is a lively, informative expression of who PaperChain publications are and why they can work effectively for media buyer's clients. Again, we hit the recipient with relevant, verifiable information about community publications. To see the e-brochure go to

A great deal of gratitude goes to Tim Bingaman and the good people at CVC, Circulation Verification Council. Tim has provided all of the information that we use to build credibility about our industry. He has also assisted us in communicating with our target market.

We are currently finalizing the details for our continuing relationship with Standard Rate and Data Service (SRDS). The contract we forge with SRDS provides us the continuous exposure we need both electronically and in print to the media buyers as they actively research specific advertising buys. Direct sales come from our presence in SRDS. All of the banner and online advertising images and messages found on SRDS have been recreated by D&G and revolve on a seasonal basis so the message remains fresh.

I hope you understand the volume and importance of the work that PaperChain is doing for the community paper industry. More importantly, I hope that you are using the PaperChain logo within your publications to tie into the credibility that we are building for this affiliation between your publications and PaperChain. To secure the appropriate logo go to

To see our rebuilt public site go to At the new site all publications are listed and are searchable by DMA, City, State, and Type of Publication.

If you have any questions please let me know. We have much more to accomplish and image building is a long-term process.

- Dan Holmes
PaperChain Chair

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