Pam Slaven Honored With Hisken Award
Pam Slaven of Tower Publications in Gainesville was named the first recipient of the Terry Hisken Memorial Award.

The award was established to honor a Community Papers of Florida (CPF) telemarketing rep who excels in selling CPF classified network ads, who exhibits a great attitude in working with people, and who greatly increased the number of ads sold over the previous year.

Hisken was a telemarketing rep for in Tampa for a number of years. She excelled in selling network ads. She passed away last year.

In making the presentation, the president of Tower Publications, Charlie Delatorre, said, "Since becoming the owner of several small publications in the Gainesville area, we have developed a team that excels in the sale of free paper association network ads.

"It has been an honor for us to contribute to the Community Papers of Florida. Attending these meetings has been a large part of our success. We take advantage of the benefits, we learn, and yes, we make money by selling CPF classified ads.

"I did not personally know Terry Hisken. I had the privilege of meeting her at several conferences.

"Terry passed away on January 23 in 2007. For 12 years she was employed at as a telemarketing representative, and through the years was the top producer of CPF network ads. In the mid 1990s when CPF was struggling, she produced network ads like clockwork and thanks to her, we were on our way to better days. Without Terry, the classified network may not have survived.

"In the past when CPF developed contests, the weekly results were always posted in our office. Terry was always on the top. One my top reps, Ann Waite, always circled her name and said, ‘Some day I will be on top.' Hard work led her to that goal.

"We can assure you that selling a 25-word classified ad for $570 is not an easy task. It takes persistence, many call backs, and the determination to be successful. The sales reps who sell these ads are to be commended."

Delatorre named the reps throughout the state. He asked the inside sales leader of, Jennifer Ingram, to join him in making the presentation.

"For many years Jennifer has led a department that has produced thousands of dollars for this association. She was a close friend of Terry's and together they led the way for CPF to proposer," said Delatorre.

Ingram said, "For many years I was proud to be affiliated with Terry Hisken. She was a special person who always helped others to excel. She was a great leader, a genuine person and a lovely person. I personally would like to thank this association for honoring Terry by having this award. It would have meant so much to her.

"This year's recipient of the first annual Community Papers of Florida Terry Hisken Telemarketing Excellence Award is a person who in recent years has excelled in selling CPF network ads.

"It takes hard work and a great attitude to achieve this accomplishment. But based on the 2007 CPF sales, there is no question why she is the recipient. In 2006 she sold 289 association network ads. Last year she beat that figure by a whopping 151 percent, selling 728 ads.

"What an accomplishment! Not only will she take home the perpetual Terry Hisken trophy to hang in her office for one year, she will also receive a check for $500. Next year she will be back to present the award.

"The winner of the 2008 Terry Hisken Telemarketing Excellence Award is Pam Slaven of Tower Publications in Gainesville," Ingram said.

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