Need a few improvements?
Want to survive in the print industry?

Want to increase your earnings ratio?

Want to improve your Internet skills?

Want to increase your display sales staff's skills?

Want to improve your classified department's skills?

Want to help your graphics team improve?

Want help in improving your papers' design?

Want help in controlling circulation costs and delivery updates?

Want to honor your graphic and editorial teams?

Want to experience a great time at the CPF annual conference in Orlando?

Want to send your team members to the conference and have CPF pick up the tab?

Of course you do! This is too good to be true.

Thanks to the support of the Community Papers of Florida (CPF) classified network, the board of directors is able to make all of the above available to CPF members again this year.

However, as we struggle through tough economic times, this may be the final conference for which CPF can provide all of the benefits listed above. So take advantage and sign up now for the annual conference in Orlando.

You can register online this year! Just click on the "conference" tab on the home page, then choose "online registration" from the drop-down menu.

Take Action Now!

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