MIA Director #1: Carla Floyd
If you are looking for Carla Floyd, you might have a hard time finding her. She won't be at Sunbelt Newspapers in the Tampa area any more, as she has retired.

Tracking her might be difficult. Rumor has it that she has turned into a "Snowbird" and might be traveling between her home on the Little Manatee River in Ruskin and her hideout in Tennessee.

It also has been rumored that she may be traveling with husband Bill in their RV and making some appearances on stage. Bill is an accomplished musician who has performed for many years. If Carla has joined him on the stage, they might be headed to "Music City" and stardom. Should have got her autograph while you had the chance.

Floyd served on the CPF board of directors for over 20 years. She was instrumental in leading this association to the success that it enjoys.

Until her retirement, she was the General Manager of Sunbelt Newspapers which distributed over 200,000 circulation in weekly publications in the Tampa Bay market. She moved through the ranks at Sunbelt, beginning as a sale representative, a sales manager, and then the director of advertising before landing the general manager's position.

Earlier this year the board of directors named Floyd an Honorary Member of CPF. We look forward to visiting with her at future conferences.

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