Member Benefits

Your CPF membership provides a multitude of benefits and services that are paid for by the CPF classified network. If you haven't already, you'll want to take advantage of some of the following benefits:

  • Audits provided by Circulation Verification Council (CVC).
  • Annual Conference.
  • Low conference costs of just $59.50 per hotel room per night for classified network members, according to the Board of Directors' established attendance guidelines:  For publications that SELL network classified ads:  Up to 100K circulation, 2 rooms (with 2 persons per room, for a total of 4 attendees); 101-300K, 3 rooms (with a total of 6 attendees); 301-500K, 5 rooms (with a total of 10 attendees); 501-750K, 6 rooms (with a total of 12 attendees); 751K-1 million, 7 rooms (with a total of 14 attendees); and over 1 million circulation, 9 rooms (with a total of 18 attendees). For publications that only PLACE network classified ads:  Up to 100K circulation, 1 room (with 2 perosns per room, for a total of 2 attendees); 101-300K, 2 rooms (with a total of 4 attendees); 301-500K, 4 rooms (with a total of 8 attendees); 501-750K, 5 rooms (with a total of 10 attendees); 751K-1 million, 6 rooms (with a total of 12 attendees); and over 1 million circulation, 8 rooms (with a total of 16 attendees).
  • Conference Idea Fairs. Earn cash awards. Share ideas. Fantastic opportunities to take home revenue-generating ideas.
  • Annual CPF awards contest to honor our graphic service personnel.
  • Nationally-recognized conference speakers.
  • An opportunity to earn money through CPF's classified network.
  • Quarterly CPF newsletters.
  • AFCP's Free Paper INK. No cost to members.
  • Training seminars provided. No cost.
  • Disaster Fund. Aid in the event of a hurricane, tornado, or other catastrophic event.
  • The Saturation Mailers Coalition (SMC), fighting for a positive postal rate, pricing, operation and service environment that benefits free paper publishers that mail.
  • Branding the free paper industry through PaperChain.
  • A successful tax lobby effort, still working for you.

We're Working For You!

Defending the Free Community Paper industry against the assaults of government and others that may choose to consider us as second-class citizens.

Helping publishers in CPF gain their market share of revenue and protecting their interests.

Promoting the free paper industry. CPF has budgeted funds to promote our industry to our readers and our outstanding value to both advertisers and consumers.

A great opportunity to work together as a team to make Florida a better place to live!


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