Meet the Speakers: Managers Panel
Laura Bender is a 21-year veteran of Harte-Hanks Shoppers. She is currently the regional sales manager for Broward County for in Miami, Fla.

Bender started her advertising career with zero knowledge of print at a small newspaper in Zionsville, Ind., where she worked in display sales.

Other advertising experience includes working with Indiana Newspapers as a regional sales manager. Later she moved to Florida and worked as an account executive with Cable One in Coral Gables prior to joining Harte-Hanks.

Bender attended Butler University in Indianapolis. She serves on the board of directors for the Broward County Right to Life.

In her spare time she has 12 nieces and nephews that keep her busy.


Vincent Grassia is the group publisher for the Journal Community Publishing Group (JCPG) in Florida. JCPG publishes publications in Orange Park, Jacksonville, Ponte Vedra and Siesta Key, as well as a statewide boating publication located in Venice, the Gulf Mariner.

Grassia has served as group publisher of the JCPG Vermont publications, The Advisor in Middletown, N.J., as ad director of the Greater Media weekly publications in Brunswick, N.J., and as general manager of the New Jersey Marketeer in Staten Island, N.Y.

A member of the Community Papers of Florida (CPF) board of directors, he is the current treasurer of the association. He was the recipient of the CPF Presidential Award in 2005. He serves on the Association of Free Community Papers (AFCP) board of directors and served for a period of time on the PaperChain committee.

Grassia is a graduate of Rutgers University where he received a bachelor of arts degree. He is married to Holly, and the couple has two children.


For the past six years Greg Nell has been the retail advertising sales manager for Forum Publishing Group headquartered in Deerfield Beach, Fla.

Nell entered the advertising field during his senior year in college as an intern for Multi-Ad Services (AdBuilder) in Peoria, Ill. He learned the newspaper business by working with small-to-large newspapers across the country developing effective spec ads and artwork to use in ads.

While working at Multi-Ad Services, he worked his way up to project manager for AdBuilder.

Nell earned a bachelor of science degree with emphasis in business management and marketing. He is a graduate and facilitator of Integrity Selling from Eureka College in Eureka, Ill.

Married to his former production artist, Annie, they have a two-year-old daughter, Audrey.


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