Meet the 2008 Speakers: Peter Jackson
Yes, Virginia, there really are newspapers making big bucks online!

This will be the subject of Peter Jackson's eye-opening presentation at the Community Papers of Florida (CPF) annual conference in Orlando May 1-3, 2008.

The Saturday morning presentation will show some of the success stories, underscore why community newspapers have to act faster to develop their online business, and provide a string of revenue-generating ideas you can implement immediately.

Jackson is a 27-year veteran of the newspaper industry whose management experience runs the gamut from daily and weekly newspapers to shoppers, alternative weeklies and specialty publications.

Currently the ad director of 28 publications in the Breeze Newspaper Group in Southwest Florida, Jackson previously headed The SalesStar Academy where he consulted for dozens of newspapers, trained hundreds of sales reps and was a popular speaker at industry associations in the U.S. and Canada.

Earlier Jackson served as vice president of sales and marketing for the Savannah, Ga., based Morris Newspaper Corporation, where he helped to drive revenue for 95 community daily, non-daily and specialty publications and online products.

Don't miss this session: "Making Money Online: What to Do and How to Do It."

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