Meet the 2008 Speakers: Jim Busch
Jim Busch attended the University of Pittsburgh, earning a bachelor of arts degree in English. After graduation in 1974, he worked at a number of sales and management positions in several industries.

In 1983 Jim began his advertising career as a sales representative with Donnelley Directory, the yellow pages division of the Dun & Bradstreet Corporation. During his 12 year tenure with Donnelley he earned six promotions and worked in a number of sales, sales management and training positions and winning numerous local, regional and national sales awards. At Donnelley he was exposed to a wide range of corporate training programs and was selected to be part of the marketing team that developed and executed the first proprietary directory project in company history.

In 1995 Jim joined the Pennysaver in Pittsburgh as the telephone sales manager. In addition to managing the telephone operation, he has served as a district sales manager on several occasions and as the Gateway Newspaper telephone sales manager. In 2001 Jim was promoted to director of research and training, a position he believes to be vital to the success of the Pennysaver corporate mission and personally gratifying.

Busch is responsible for the monthly training brochure distributed by PaperChain, "Link & Learn."

His greatest strengths are his creative problem solving skills and the ability to motivate others by building their skill set and confidence. His dedication to lifelong learning serves him well in his current position and he has made it his personal goal to create a "learning" culture at the Pennysaver.

Busch lives in White Oak, Pa., with his wife Glenda. Jim and Glenda are the parents of two grown children and have one very spoiled grandson.

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