Meet Jay Kemp:

The Pennsyavers' New Publisher

Jay Kemp has assumed the role of publisher of The Pennysavers group headquartered in Ormond Beach, Fla.

Kemp replaces Clarissa Williams, who accepted a position as the publisher and advertising director of GateHouse Media's Delaware-based publications headquartered in Dover.

In his new role, Kemp will manage the Daytona, New Smyrna, Putnam, St. Johns, West Volusia, and Flagler Pennysavers which are distributed to 289,000 homes weekly.

Kemp started his publishing career when he, by accident, was offered a job selling advertising. He said, "I enjoyed the challenge of selling and stuck with it. Our business is a different situation each day so there is not the monotony of doing the same thing day after day. The assembly line mentality never appealed to me and sales keeps you on your feet because there are so many different variables that constantly change."

He has spent most of his career with daily newspapers in large daily markets and in three medium-sized markets with Gannett publications.

Kemp was involved in the free paper business when he spent time with The Flyer in Tampa. "I loved it. This side of the business appealed to me because advertisers seem to get more direct response than they do from dailies. I think the connection is deeper since readers are out there looking for a specific product or service already when they pick up the free paper," he said.

He attended the University of Alabama where he majored in advertising and minored in marketing.

Kemp enjoys gardening, golf and his three dogs. He loves Alabama football and is hoping the "Tide" will make it to Miami for this year's BCS championship game.


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