March of Dimes, PaperChain's Charity
"In these tough economic and anxious times, I'd like the members of PaperChain across the county to know that they are making a tremendous contribution to the lives of babies, and the quality of life for families everywhere. It may not pay the mortgage, but perhaps it will fill their hearts a bit," said Suzanne Cale Young, national director of media promotions for the March of Dimes.

Since 2002, PaperChain has signed an agreement with the March of Dimes to provide $500,000 worth of advertising for their campaigns. Publishers have been asked to donate space on an available basis, and we can be proud of the free paper members of PaperChain. They have stepped up to the plate and delivered the goods. The Community Papers of Florida (CPF) has made an additional commitment by paying member publications for their display space.

In return for the advertising commitment, the March of Dimes has recognized PaperChain in its newsletters and campaigns.

PaperChain Chair Dan Holmes and former chair Loren Colburn recently visited the March of Dimes headquarters in White Plains, N.Y. To ensure that PaperChain is getting the recognition that it deserves, Colburn and Holmes met with Dr. Jennifer Howse, the president of the March of Dimes.

Dr. Howse said, "For more than 50 years, the March of Dimes has been fighting to prevent birth defects and other leading causes of infant death and disability. As the leading nonprofit for baby health, this national/grassroots organization focuses inherently on moms and their needs before, during, and after pregnancy.

"Our goal is to support programs that help more babies be born healthy, and help those who are born prematurely or with birth defects to survive and thrive.

"PaperChain and member community newspapers have partnered with March of Dimes since 2002, generously dedicating advertising space to March of Dimes messages and PSAs, valued at millions of dollars. As we enter into our eighth year of working together to save babies' lives, let's reflect upon the March of Dimes successes that PaperChain members across the county can be proud of."

The March of Dimes provides millions for research in the United States, Canada and 10 other countries. In communities across the country, the organization provides hundreds of grants to organizations. They provide education for moms, including health topics available on demand. At the federal and state level, the March of Dimes seeks to improve access to health coverage for all babies, children, and women of childbearing age, and to increase federal support for prematurity-related research.

PaperChain selected an outstanding organization to support. Once again, publishers will be asked to support the March of Dimes awareness campaign that takes place in November.

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