Justo Rey Honored With Presidential Award
Justo Rey was named the recipient of the Community Papers of Florida (CPF) Presidential Award at the recent conference in Orlando.

Rey is the president of The Flyer and current CPF treasurer.

In making the presentation, President Wendy Murray said, "As I conclude my term as president of the Community Papers of Florida, I am honored to be able to name a recipient of this association to receive the Presidential Award.

"This is not an annual award, but one that gives the current president the honor of naming someone who has provided volunteer service for the betterment of CPF.

"The award was initiated in 1993 when Paul Pilblad of the New Smyrna Pennysaver was the first recipient. Since that date others who have received the award include Paula Freeman, Gary Hawken, J.W. Owens, Sharon Blais, Jim Tucker, Greg Snyder, Jim Kendall, Vincent Grassia and Charlie Delatorre.

"In using some of his own words, the person we are honoring this year is not being honored "because he is Cuban which automatically gives him the right to exaggerate, makes him a great swimmer, especially in the 90-mile breast stroke to cross the 90 miles from Cuba to the U.S., and considered an expert when it comes to cigars and rum."

"Our recipient has devoted countless hours of volunteer service to this association. He has served as president, vice president, treasurer and on the board of directors. He has been involved in the business of CPF several times, including serving as the conference chair this year. Last year he was responsible for legal action that benefitted the association to the tune of over $20,000.

"Since I have worked with this individual, I learned early on that if we needed help on a project, he was a phone call away from getting involved.

"He has excelled in his career in the free paper industry. He started with Dick Mandt when The Flyer in Miami was launched. He moved on to be the president of Forum Publishing Group in Southeast Florida. A few years after Mr. Mandt sold The Flyer - and then purchased The Flyer back from Harte-Hanks in the Southeast Florida and Tampa areas - our recipient rejoined The Flyer as its president and CEO.

"Please join me in presenting Justo Rey with the 2016 CPF Presidential Award."


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