Is it YOUR TURN to win?
Is it your turn to take home one of the top awards in the CPF Awards for Excellence competition? You'll never know unless you ENTER!

Changes you need to know about for this year's competition include:

~ The following categories have been eliminated due to a lack of entries in previous years:
• Out-of-Home Media;
• Best In-House Ad to Promote CPF Classifieds;
• Best Internet Advertising; and
• All spot color categories.

~ For the past several years, we have received an overwhelming number of entries in the "Full Color/Process (1/2 Page or Less)" subcategory of categories "3" through "7", which has necessitated a split. The new subcategories to replace the "1/2 page or less" subcategory are:
• Full Color/Process (1/4 to 1/2 Page); and
• Full Color/Process (Less than 1/4 Page).

Once again, there is a flat entry fee of $25 per company, regardless of the number of entries submitted or the number of papers published by the company. Either enclose a check with the entries, or call Tiffany (850-762-4086) or Barbara (877-373-3142) with your VISA or MasterCard information. If fees are not enclosed, the entries will be disqualified from the competition.

Contest entries must be received by the CPF office no later than March 8, 2012, as judging will take place on March 9th. So get those entries ready to submit today!


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