Introducing a New Concept for the Awards for Excellence Competition
This year the award entries for CPF's annual "Awards for Excellence" contest are combined with IFPA and SAPA. That means that member publications have the opportunity to win on a national basis!

In the past, each year we conducted an advertising and editorial contest where the best ads and content were selected by independent judges and the winning entries were honored with 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place awards.

We tried to make the process easy, but the steps to enter ads in the contest were still complicated. Finding the ads, cutting them out, getting tearsheets, mounting ads to boards, placing stickers with the category and division of each ad on the boards, and finally mailing the entries is just a sample of what you've had to do. Wow! That's a lot of work. There has to be a better way.

Thanks to SAPA Executive Director Douglas Fry, we believe we have found a better way. Starting this year, you will simply upload your ad entries to an online contest site. Douglas Fry made a short video that instructs you and your people how to use the very simple system.

A couple of suggestions. First of all, flip through your paper each week when it comes back from the printer and select the best ads. Create a folder on your computer and place a file of each of your best ads inside. You can enter those ads at a later date, or you can log in to the new, easy-to-use online Ad Award Entry System and start uploading them right away.

You will soon receive (or may have already received) an email containing your distinctive username and password to access the Ad Award Entry System contest site. As soon as you do, you can start entering your ads! You don't have to wait until the deadline! And should you decide to change the ads you've uploaded at any time before the deadline, it's an easy two-click process. Make things easier on yourself and your staff by starting right away.

This year you will be limited to three ads per category, and the cost for each entry is $5. However, you will not have the cost of materials and postage to contend with.


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