Heizer Media Group Wins Beckerman Award
The Boca Raton Tribune and Publisher Doug Heizer were recipients of the CPF Milton & Bernice Beckerman Award.

The presentation was made by CPF President Wendy Murray at the association's annual conference held recently in Orlando.

The award is presented to a member paper for community service that benefited a community charity, a fund raising event for a charity, or an employee who provided a community service.

Murray said, "The award we are presenting is to a member paper for organizing and supporting an annual Carousel Toy Drive to collect toys and donations for local children who otherwise would not have the means of receiving gifts for Christmas.

"Five Rotary Clubs were involved in the project, which last year had a record year raising over $16,000 in cash and toy donations.

"The donations go to Helping Hands, the city's food pantry and kitchen, and to the Wane Baron Study Center, a youth empowerment facility.

"Please join me in presenting the annual Milton & Bernice Beckerman Award to Doug Heizer and the Boca Raton Tribune."

The award was named the "Milton & Bernice Beckerman Award" after the Beckermans, long-time members of this association and other free paper associations. For over 25 years they supported CPF as associate members. In 1993 they placed $15,000 in an investment account for the purpose of this award.


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