Graphics Session: Adobe Certified Trainer on Hand
One of the top graphic experts in the country will be on hand to provide tips on improvements your artistic team members can put into practice.

Douglas Mitchell is a national Adobe Certified Expert Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign instructor for graphic arts and multimedia. He is a Kodak Digital Imaging Training Partner, authorized QuarkXPress trainer and Apple Solutions provider. He instructs for International Student Media Festival, state and national technology education conferences, Adobe seminars for Mac/Windows Academy, NAPP, PPA, IADT college classes, and many other free paper associations.

Mitchell has managed a digital prepress department for commercial printers, developed interactive CD's and produced commercial video tapes for Apple Computer.

He attended the Crealde School of Arts for Photography, Painting, Drawing, Sculpture and Coppersmith. He is the author of the book Digital Cameras for Teachers and several talking head training video series. He is currently writing, designing and illustrating a book for Kids Health and Nutrition.

Mitchell plans to contact several CPF art department members to help him put a program together for the May 2 morning session.

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