CPF's Industry-Famous Kentucky Derby Reception
The Marriott Resort was rocking and rolling during the Kentucky Derby reception as "I'll Have Another" bolted into the lead in the back stretch at Churchill Downs on his way to making some CPF members flush with money.

The Derby reception has been a tradition at the CPF conferences for over 30 years.

The reception was well attended and those 16 folks who held the number 19 tickets enjoyed both the festivities and their winnings.

For each conference session on Friday and Saturday for which attendees were on time, they were allowed to draw a "win, place or show" card. If their card was later drawn as a winner at Saturday's Kentucky Derby reception, they would receive $400 for a "win" card, $200 for a "place" card, and $100 for a "show" card. If they also happened to write the name of the Derby's winning horse in the space provided, they would double their winnings.

By the luck of the draw, Charlie Delatorre (Tower Publications) and Rob Zarrilli (The Leadership Institute) had the "win" tickets and each picked up $400. The "place" tickets found Jay Rey (Tampa Bay Newspapers) and Cathy Florian (Triangle News Leader) winning $200 apiece. The "show" tickets belonged to Tammy Ramp (MultiAd) and Jim Kendall (Hometown News). Tammy received $100 while Jim, who selected number 19 - "I'll Have Another" - doubled his money to $200.

With lots of other prizes to give away, the drawings continued. Joann Zollo (Forum Publishing Group) won a Blue Ray player, while Marta Rivera-Llorens (TheFlyer.com) took home a Kindle. Lucky Charlie Delatorre chose an external hard drive when his name was drawn again, and Romaine Fine (The Pennysavers) chose a wireless keyboard. Marta Bustamante (TheFlyer.com) was pleased with her choice of a digital camera, and Stephanie Struense (The Breeze Newspapers) picked up a DSL modem. Wendy Netherclift (TomL Publishing) went right to the Hunger Games trilogy set, while Tom Loury (TomL Publishing) was thrilled with his new phone / answering machine system. Tammy Ramp was equally happy with her digital card reader, especially since it fit in her suitcase for the long flight home!

The reception had numerous ladies wearing hats in the Derby tradition. The judges selected three of the hats and awarded them cash prizes.

Ann Yager of Triangle News Leader took top honors and $150 for her lighted creation. In second place winning $100 were Christy Jones and her daughter, Amber, of Florida Mariner. Third place honors and $50 went to Anna Vasquez of Hometown News.

Pictured are the group from The Pennysvers in Daytona: Deborah Rozier, Clarissa Williams, Robin Mallory, Romaine Fine and Jeretta Kimberlin.


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