Conference Update: Meet the 2015 Speakers
Dan Autrey will open the Community Papers of Florida (CPF) conference on Friday by moderating the popular Publishers & Senior Management Roundtable.

Autrey is the president of Tampa Bay Newspapers. Prior to that he was the publisher of the Osceola News Gazette, the Osceola Shopper and the South Orange Shopping News in Kissimmee.

Autrey has served on the CPF board of directors and is a past president, vice president and secretary of the board. He is a recipient of the association's top award, the Milton & Bernice Beckerman Award for community service. He also serves on the board of directors and as president of the Florida Press Association.

Autrey holds a bachelors degree from the University of Central Florida. Married to Michele, they have three children.

Justo Rey will moderate the Open Mike session scheduled for Friday afternoon.

Rey is the president of The Flyer. Previously he served as the president of the Forum Publishing Group in Southeast Florida, which publishes 28 community newspapers with a circulation of over 900,000. Prior to his appointment as president he served as vice president of sales and marketing for the Forum group.

Rey started his advertising career in 1978 with The Flyer in Miami. He became acquainted with The Flyer by placing display ads while working for a retail chain. He took an interest in advertising and applied for employment with The Flyer.

In 1988 he was employed with Spinpress, a national book publishing company.

He later accepted a position as publisher of the Miami expansion publications of the South Florida Newspaper Network, which is now the Forum Publishing Group. Rey was appointed to the CPF board of directors in 2004. Since then he has served on committees and as the secretary, treasurer, vice president and president of the association.

Rey is a native of Cuba who moved to the United States when he was 14. He attended Barry University in Miami Shores, Fla.

David Crawford will moderate the digital panel discussion on "How to Money Online."

Crawford has made print media his career. He is the regional account manager for Standard Rate and Data Service (SRDS).

SRDS is considered the Bible of the advertising agencies, which cite the companies their number one resource in the industry. Through the efforts of PaperChain the free paper industry data is now listed along with the daily newspapers on their website.

Crawford has over 10 years of employment as a print media buyer and planner. The account roster he helped manage is a who's who of companies such as Home Depot, Bed Bath & Beyond and JCPenny. He also worked on national campaigns for the likes of Coca Cola and Turtle Wax.

His understanding of what it takes to get a planner's attention and what information motivates them to look at markets has made him an asset to his media partners.

Joining the digital panel is Angel Leonard, the group digital advertising sales manager for Forum Publishing Group in Southeast Florida.

For over a decade Leonard was the sole owner of three multimillion dollar durable medical equipment companies.

A strategist by nature, she made the move from running her own businesses to helping others market theirs. "A seamless transition," she said.

In 2007 she embarked on a new journey as a multimedia account manager for the Sun Sentinel in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., where grew a small local territory to sales of $1.6 million in retail print ads per year.

In 2014 she moved to her current position with the Forum Publishing Group. The products she controls range from four dollar replica editions to $20,000 sponsorships. The specializes in websites, SEO, PPC and many other services.

Leonard has a passion for volunteer nonprofit work and she enjoys playing poker. She is a 1994 graduate of the University of Tennessee with a bachelors degree in business management. A native of Fort Lauderdale, she resides in South Florida with her two daughters.

Charlie Delatorre will lead off the Saturday morning session for the conference by teaching one of the Association of Free Community Papers (AFCP) The Leadership Institute (TLI) classes. He has been a TLI instructor since its inception. In 2014 AFCP honored him as its Publisher of the Year.

As a long-serving CPF board member and past president, he has been an outspoken advocate of free papers for many years. He started his publishing career in sales with the Buyers Guide in Gainesville, owned by Add Inc, and quickly moved to the position of general manager. He negotiated a deal to purchase the publication and has since been successful publishing numerous publications under Tower Publications.

As a graduate of the University of Florida, he will point out that the Swamp in Gainesville, Fla., where the Gators play, is the most important scene in all the sports world; and he will be quick to tell you the University of Florida is the best college in America. At the University of Florida he earned a bachelors degree in political science with a minor in business administration. He and his wife, Bonita, live in Gainesville with their two children: a daughter, Lauren, and a son, Charlie Jr.

The president of Circulation Verification Council (CVC), Tim Bingaman, will update members on CVC audits and its activities at 11:00 a.m. Saturday at the CPF conference in Orlando.

The CPF board has approved funding for CVC to conduct annual audits for members that participate in the association's classified network.

Bingaman and his wife, Sue, founded CVC in 1992 when they audited 13 papers. CVC now provides audits for over 1,200 papers with a circulation of over 60 million. CVC also maintains a database of over 22,000 ad agencies.

Prior to starting CVC, Bingaman worked on several Gannet publications before joining Ralph Ingersoll's team where he was involved with the startup of the St. Louis Sun.

He has received several honors from the free paper industry, including the Association of Free Community Papers (AFCP) Distinguished Service Award and the Southeastern Advertising Publishers Association (SAPA) Herb Campbell Award.

The Three Minute Idea Fair will be the final event of the Community Papers of Florida (CPF) conference scheduled September 18-19 at the Caribe Royale Resort in Orlando.

Gary Hawken returns to moderate this session at 2:30 p.m. Saturday.

Hawken, the former owner and publisher of Flashes Shopping Guide in Stuart, was a member of the Community Papers of Florida for over 30 years. He has held every office including president, and he served on the board of directors for close to 20 years.

For over 10 years he chaired the conference idea fairs. For his service to the association, in 1996 he was the recipient of the CPF Presidential Award.

A graduate of the University of Florida, he is a huge supporter of the "Gator Nation."


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