Collect the Clues for a Chance to Win an iPad!
Play our eight-week email Scavenger Hunt game, answer the clues on your postcard (if you didn't receive one in the snail mail, a copy is attached below), and bring the completed postcard to conference for a chance to win an iPad!

The first email that went out last week was:

Attending the joint IFPA/SAPA/CPF Conference in Orlando, FL September 29 - October 1, 2016 you can expect to arrive back home with ideas that you can use first thing Monday morning. Some of those ideas will be HUGE. They are the kind of ideas that can positively change the course of your organization. Other ideas will be small ones that will add to your bottom line, save you money, or are more efficient ways of working. But all the ideas will add up to Big Profits for you!

Clue #1 On Your Postcard: What date does the conference start? (Place your answer in block #1.)



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