Classified Contest Winners 2008: Part 1
Charlie Delatorre of Tower Publications in Gainesville was the big winner in the Community Papers of Florida (CPF) "Best of the Best" network classified contest held from January 1 to June 30. Delatorre is the publisher of Tower Publications in Gainesville.

The two-phase contest included a regular contest based on points, and a new advertiser contest based on points.

In the regular contest, Tower Publications' Pam Slaven took home the first place prize of $2,000 while Annie Waite placed second and received $1,000.

In the new advertiser contest, Waite won the first place award of $2,000 and Slaven finished in a tie for third, winning $250. Since the managers of the telemarketing departments receive equal amounts, that added up to a $5,250 prize for Delatorre.

In the new advertiser contest, Anna Vasquez of Hometown News took home the second place award of $1,000. Heather Sorenson of Hometown tied for third and won $250. The department manager, Pat Snyder, was awarded $1,250.

In the regular contest, Paula Scott of in Tampa won the third place prize of $500. Department manager Jennifer Ingram also won an equal amount.

Each contest also featured a drawing for the sales reps that finished fourth through 20th.

Jeff Cohen of in Tampa won the regular contest drawing and walked away with $1,000. Tammy MacWay of the Florida Pennysaver took home the $500 second place prize in the drawing.

In the new ad contest drawing, Farron Burton of the Florida Pennysaver was the $1,000 prize winner while Nadege Cotto of in Miami won the second place award of $500.

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