Charlie Delatorre Honored With Presidential Award
Charlie Delatorre was named the recipient of the CPF Presidential Award at the recent conference in Orlando.

The current CPF president has the opportunity to name a member who has volunteered his time for the good of this association.

In making the presentation, CPF President Wendy Murray said, "The recipient of this award today not only has volunteered his time to serve as president, vice president and on the board of directors for a number of years, but his financial contribution to the association and to other free paper associations puts him in an elite class of papers that sell network classified ads.

"In the past we have been blessed with funds that have provided the best in conferences paid by the associations, and provided rebate checks to those that placed the ads - hundreds of thousands of dollars.

"The papers that sold the network ads made this a reality.

"How does $1 million dollars sound?

"The classified sales staff of Tower Publications in Gainesville, Florida, has done just that. Under the leadership of its owner and publisher, Tower Publications over the years has sold over $1 million in classifieds for CPF. At this time they continue to be the leader in the number of classified ads sold.

"Thank you, Charlie, and keep selling those ads.

"Please welcome Charlie Delatorre, the 2015 recipient of the CPF Presidential Award."


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