Changes to the Classified Network for 2016!
The board of directors authorized some changes to the CPF Classified Network that will give the reps some options.

The selling reps have the option of maintaining the present promotion of selling three weeks for $395 each and giving the client the fourth week free. The four-week effective net rate is $296.25 per week. (with $197.50/week due to CPF).

The new options available to reps include:

• Sell a client one week for $495 (with $247.50 due to CPF);

• Sell two weeks at $495 each and get one week free, for an effective net rate of $330 per week (with $247.50/week to CPF); or

• Sell the best rate option available: four weeks at $395 each with two weeks free. The net rate for this six-week option is $263.33 per week (with $197.50/week to CPF).

These additional choices place the selling options in the hands of the sales reps.

Enhancements are still available for Zones 1, 2 or 3 and the prices have not changed. Bolding is $30/week; a border is $35/week; centering is $40/week; a headline is $45/week; a color background is $50/week; and a deluxe ad with all enhancements is $55/week. A commission of 20% of all ad enhancements sold is paid to the selling rep in the form of a month-end bonus.

One change in the criteria defining new advertisers is that the client must not have placed an ad in the network for the past six months.

The association will continue to pay monthly bonus money to the top reps in the points contest and $50 for each new advertiser sold. In addition, for 2016 the classified managers will receive an amount equal to 25% of the bonus funds paid to their sales reps. For instance, if $500 is paid to the sale reps, the manager will receive $125.

Order forms can be downloaded from the members-only section of the CPF website, or you can request one by emailing


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