Board Approves Special Scholarship
The Community Papers of Florida (CPF) board of directors approved a special scholarship from its Disaster Fund for seven-year-old Kelly Laird, the daughter of Sheryl Lynn Laird.

According to authorities, Laird, a 17-year veteran of in Tampa, was brutally murdered by her ex-husband, Robert. The couple was involved in a dispute over $17,880 in child support payments. She was asking for sanctions against him, including suspension of his driving privileges. According to the St. Pete Times, she was "100 percent scared of her ex-husband" and previously had filed for injunctions against him.

According to police reports, the week that they were scheduled to go to court Robert shot Sheryl multiple times at her Lakeland home and placed her body in the trunk of her car. He then drove through Tampa and St. Petersburg to the Skyway Bridge, where he stopped at the top of the bridge and set the car on fire before jumping off the bridge, killing himself instantly. President Carlos Guzman said, "We lost a 17-year valued employee in a sad and gruesome death. She was well liked, popular and will be sadly missed." Counselors were brought in to the to help employees cope with her death.

The board approved $4,000 to be placed in a fund for Kelly's future education.

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