Awards for Excellence: It's Time to Gather Your Entries!

Contest Rules

Eligibility: All entries must have been conceived, written and designed by staff members. Entries must be produced solely by bona fide employees of a CPF member publication, and all entries are subject to verification.

Ready-Made Ads: The Awards for Excellence is a contest to recognize the creativity of employees of CPF member publications. The creative element should be stressed, and any art service illustrations may ONLY be used to supplement original design ideas. Advertising agency ads and ready-made ads from the services should not be entered into the competition (except for category 8b) and will be automatically disqualified if they are.

Criteria for Judging: Judging will be based on originality, layout and design, headline, copy, use of artwork/photography and color, when applicable.

Awards: Judges will select First, Second, and Third Place winners. They have complete discretion in making awards and their decisions are final. Plaques will be presented to all winning newspapers.


1a. Personal Column - A column, written by the publisher or a member of his/her staff, covering any topic.
1b. Best Editorial on a subject of local community interest which best expresses a hometown allegiance.
1c. News Story - A written rendering of a newsworthy event or an article concerning a particular item, product, place or thing. Include byline.
1d. Best Original Writing for a human interest or feature article.
1e. Best Original Photograph used for a feature or general interest story.
1f. Best Original Photograph used for a community news event.
1g. Best Original Photograph used for a sports event.
1h. Best Original Photographic Spread for a feature or general interest story, community news event or sports event.
1i. Best Independent Photo Feature - Photo with a tag line but no story.

2a. Sales Kit/Media Package - Includes rate cards, demographic information, sales sheets, etc.
2b. Classified Promotion (In a paper that promotes using classified advertising or offers classified specials.)
2c. Self Promotion in Paper - Advertising in your paper that promotes the use of your paper by advertisers or acceptance by readers. Includes testimonials.
2d. Community Service Promotion - The paper's role in serving its own community by promoting community projects or time-dated events such as an organization's fund raising event, i.e.: a festival, concert, or fund drive. Single or multiple ROP pages.

(All Retail Advertising [products and/or services] other than Automotive, Real Estate, Dining & Entertainment, or those specific categories included in the Professional Services Advertising category.)
3a. Black & White
3b. Full Color/Process (More than 1/2 page)
3c. Full Color/Process (1/4 to 1/2 page)
3d. Full Color/Process (Less than 1/4 page)

4a. Black & White
4b. Full Color/Process (More than 1/2 page)
4c. Full Color/Process (1/4 to 1/2 page)
4d. Full Color/Process (Less than 1/4 page)

5a. Black & White
5b. Full Color/Process (More than 1/2 page)
5c. Full Color/Process (1/4 to 1/2 page)
5d. Full Color/Process (Less than 1/4 page)

6a. Black & White
6b. Full Color/Process (More than 1/2 page)
6c. Full Color/Process (1/4 to 1/2 page)
6d. Full Color/Process (Less than 1/4 page)

(Limited to Lawyers, Medical Professionals, Financial, Insurance and Political Ads)
7a. Black & White
7b. Full Color/Process (More than 1/2 page)
7c. Full Color/Process (1/4 to 1/2 page)
7d. Full Color/Process (Less than 1/4 page)

8a. Theme Promotion - A common theme for a group of businesses such as car care, home improvement, holiday themes, strip malls or shopping centers, gang ad with common theme, etc.
8b. Agency Produced Ad - An ad produced solely by a local outside agency. (Note: The name of the agency that created the ad should be credited on the entry form. Submissions credited to "[Newspaper] Staff" or "[Newspaper] Art Department" will be disqualified.)
8c. Advertising Campaign - Multiple ads for a single client using continuity of theme and artwork.
8d. Single Sheet Insert (Designed by your publication.)
8e. In-House Produced Advertising Insert (More than single sheet.)
8f. Best Advertising Headline - The headline must be conceived and written by a member of your staff and not part of an advertising agency ad or ready-made ad from the services.

9a. Best Cover Design - Newsprint
9b. Best Cover Design - Gloss
9c. Best Creative Concept
9d. Best Creative Content
9e. Best Overall design, format or concept. (The judges will choose the winner of this category from entries received in categories 9a, 9b, 9c & 9d. Separate entries in this category are not accepted.)

10a. Telemarketing Display - Use of the telemarketing department to sell a page or multiple pages of classified display advertising using a common theme.

11a. Best Internet Home Site design & presentation. (Be sure to submit a printed copy of your home page as your entry, not just the Website address.)

12a. Judge's Choice - This award will be presented by each judge for his/her favorite entry. The judges will choose the winners of this category from all entries received. Separate entries in this category are not accepted.
12b. Best of Show - This award will be presented for the highest-scoring entry. The judges will choose the winner of this category from all entries received. Separate entries in this category are not accepted.


1. Only items published between August 1, 2014, and July 31, 2015, are eligible for entry.

2. Entries should be securely mounted (glued, taped or stapled on a minimum of all four corners) on half-sized sheets of poster board (approximately 14" x 22"), unless a full sheet is required due to the size of the entry. Do not use full-sized sheets of poster board unless it is absolutely necessary.
• The publication date should be clearly visible on the tearsheet. If the entry has been cut out of the tearsheet, a full tearsheet showing the publication date must be attached to the back of the entry poster board. An electronic tearsheet, printed from your computer and mounted as described above, may be submitted in place of a tearsheet.
• Be sure that any permanent markings drawing attention to the entry (i.e. black magic marker or highlighter arrows, etc.) do not actually run into or cover any part of the entry. Exception: Stick-on arrows that are easily removed.
• For editorial categories, be sure to include the entire article/story. If a jump is omitted, the story will be disqualified.
• For editorial submissions in Spanish, please attach an English translation to the back of the entry. Spanish entries submitted without an English translation will be disqualified.
• When a full copy of a magazine or brochure is being submitted, please insert it into a clear pocket securely mounted on the poster board. The pocket should be taped closed with masking tape for shipping.
• No more than one entry per poster board.

3. Entry tags must be completely filled out and attached to the BACK of the mounted entries in the UPPER RIGHT-HAND CORNER of the vertically-held entry board, NOT in the center of the board nor in the left corner. Be sure to credit the author(s), artist(s), department or outside agency that created the entry. No more than one (1) category per poster board. (If you are entering the same ad in more than one category, each entry must be on its own poster board.)

4. Each entry must have a category properly marked. Be sure that your handwriting is legible and others can read it, particularly as it pertains to subcategories. (A handwritten "c" and "e" look alike if not printed carefully.) If an entry is not marked or is entered into the wrong category, it will be removed from the competition.

5. No more than two (2) entries will be accepted per category, per publication.

6. Entry Fees: Each company will pay an entry fee of $2.50 per entry. Fees are due with the contest entries. Entries received without payment of proper fees will be removed from the competition.

7. Entries should be shipped to: Community Papers of Florida, 13405 SE Hwy. 484, Belleview, FL 34420.

8. All entries must be received by the CPF office no later than Monday, August 3, 2015. Judging will take place August 4, 2015.



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