Are You Ready for New Business?
Is your listing up to date on the Standard Rate & Data Service (SRDS)?

For over 85 years, SRDS has been connecting media sellers with buyers through quality information services covering the world of advertising and marketing opportunities. Your publication's information is listed online with SRDS, where media buyers look to make advertising decisions.

The SRDS information includes listing contact names, e-mail addresses, phone numbers, circulation numbers and rates.

A copy of your listing is sent to you four times a year. You will receive a light blue sheet and instructions on how to make changes and fax or e-mail the changes back to SRDS.

At any time you can make changes on personnel changes, rates, etc., by e-mailing June Levy at SRDS updates their online system every Friday - your changes will quickly hit the system.

To learn more about SRDS or if you would like to see your listing online, please e-mail Trish Delaurier, Publisher, at or give her a call at 386-760-1035. She will provide you with a temporary password to access the site. She can also have an account manager call your publication directly, walk you through the process and discuss your marketing options.

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