AFCP Names New Leader: Loren Colburn
A familiar face in the free paper industry has been named the Association of Free Community Papers (AFCP) executive director.

Loren Colburn, the longtime publisher of The Scotsman Press in Syracuse, N.Y., was appointed by the AFCP board of directors at their recent board meeting conducted in St. Pete Beach, Fla.

He replaces former AFCP Executive Director Craig McMullin, who was killed in a tragic motorcycle accident in Utah last year.

Colburn has been an icon in the free paper associations, receiving numerous awards and heading numerous committees that have benefitted the various associations.

He has served on the AFCP board of directors since 1997, was president of the association, and has served as treasurer since 2006. He served as a board member and as chairman of the PaperChain Committee. He has been a board member of the Free Community Papers of New York (FCPNY) and served that association as both president and treasurer.

In 2007 Colburn was the recipient of the AFCP Distinguished Service Award. In 2004 he received the AFCP Publisher of the Year Award, and in 2002 was named the FCPNY Publisher of the Year.

Colburn started with the Scotsman Press in 1977 as a publications sales representative. He was promoted to systems director, director of operations, general manager, general manager of commercial printing division, and in 1990 was named publisher.

Scotsman Press is a group of 24 weekly papers and a commercial printing operation. Colburn had hands-on involvement at all levels of the operation.

In his presentation to the AFCP board, Colburn outlined the following initiatives:

• Work on developing a strategic marketing program and related collateral to target and facilitate the use of the existing NANI ad network by a more diverse group of advertisers and industries than is currently in place.

• Develop a web-based sales page and order entry method for NANI ads that can be accessed through a web link placed on member web pages.

• Develop a NANI display ad network and insert program based on a predetermined rate per column inch per thousand homes, and a predetermined rate per thousand for inserts in member publications.

• Develop a NANI web page banner ad network based on standard industry sizes. These ads can be sold based on pay per click or some method of verifiable impressions depending on which is more marketable and feasible with such a diverse membership.

• Work on The Leadership Institute (TLI) opportunity to market and deliver its training programs over the web at a rate which would cover all costs to present the program as well as a percentage markup to compensate TLI for developing, presenting and delivering the course to member publications.

A strong community supporter, Colburn has served his community on the boards of and in office positions with the Midstate Youth Hockey Association, the West Amateur Hockey League, the Clay Classic Soccer League, the Seneca River South Little League and the Syracuse Chapter of the March of Dimes.

Colburn is a graduate of State University of New York and College of Cortland. He received a B.A. degree with a major in Speech Communications. He is among the charter graduates of The Leadership Institute.

Colburn and his wife, Cindy, have three sons: Chris, Brian and Jeff. In his free time he enjoys golf and fishing.

He will assume the role of executive director in six to eight weeks. Interim Executive Director Don Gimberline agreed to continue his role until Colburn assumes the leadership position.


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