A Quick Conference Recap
Publishers and their team members showed up from Canada, California and all around the United States for the joint conference put on by the Community Papers of Florida (CPF), the Southeastern Advertising Publishers Association (SAPA) and the Independent Free Papers of America (IFPA) at the Caribe Royale Resort in Orlando.

Conference attendees were treated to great entertainment, excellent training sessions, delicious food and attentive service, and they went home with numerous prizes and new knowledge to put into practice back at the office.

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, and this issue of the CPF newsletter is loaded with conference photos.

CPF members were the recipients of national graphic and editorial awards. Check out the winning entries on pages 6-9 to see what set these entries apart from the rest.

The General Membership approved the recommendations of the nominating committee, and Wendy Murray was installed as president.

The CPF board will meet in October to select the time and place of the 2015 annual conference. If you missed the event in Orlando, we hope to see you in 2015.


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