2x2 Display Fill Ad Program Introduced
You Asked For It! At the annual conference in St. Pete Beach, the telemarketing reps asked for it - and now you have it.

The board of directors has established a 2x2 display program for the reps that sell the Community Papers of Florida (CPF) classified network.

"Many times we have had that request from our clients," said Pat Snyder, telemarketing manager for Hometown News.

Several of the other free paper associations have successful 2x2 display programs. We asked for their guidelines and they shared them with CPF

The board of directors has approved making the 2x2 program part of its for-profit corporation, the Florida Community Papers Advertising Network (FCPAN).

FCPAN telemarketing reps will sell the business-card-size ads and place them in the same manner that the classified network ads are distributed. The deadlines will remain the same as those for the classified network.

When selling the ad, the sales rep will be selling it as a "filler advertisement." The client is advised that each publication will have a three-week window to place the ad. If for some reason a publication cannot place the ad, the client will immediately be reimbursed for that amount. Rates will be established "Per Thousand Circulation."

Of the FCPAN 6.9 million circulation, the advertiser can pick and choose the publications desired; but a minimum of 800,000 circulation is required.

The rate charged to clients, based on full run circulation, is $1.00 per thousand circulation. The selling publication will retain 15% of the revenue (or 15 cents per dollar); FCPAN will retain 20% of the revenue (or 20 cents per dollar) for administering the program; and member publications will be paid 65% of the revenue (or 65 cents per dollar) for running the ad. The established rate includes a 15% commission for ad agencies. FCPAN will pay this agency fee out of its 20% commission.

If the client chooses not to run full run in the network, the charge per thousand for up to two million circulation is $1.20 per thousand; for two to four million, it is $1.10 per thousand. The same percentage split noted in the previous paragraph will apply.

The 2x2 advertisements are considered paid fill for the publications. Ads will be adjusted to the size based in their two-column format.

Ads can be run within a three-week period. If the ad is not placed, the FCPAN office will be notified and the funds for that amount of circulation will immediately be reimbursed to the client.

All advertisements follow the same ad restrictions set for their classified departments. Publishers have the right to refuse ads based on their classified guidelines.

To place an ad, have the client choose the area of coverage. Compose a 3.25" wide x 2" tall ad and E-mail it, in a PDF format, to: TiffWhy1@aol.com. Publications using Macs may instead slip the PDF ad into Tiffany's public folder. Simply use the following path: Go -> iDisk -> Other User's Public Folder -> CPF2x2.

Because FCPAN must pay publishers for placing the ads, all ads must be prepaid. Obtain a check or credit card payment for the total amount. Send 85% of that amount (as determined on the order form) via your publication's check to: FCPAN, P.O. Box 1149, Sumerfield, FL 34492-1149; or by inserting your publication's (NOT your customer's) credit card information on the order form.

The 2x2 Display Network will be effective the first of August, 2007.

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