2011 Hisken Award Goes to Jennifer Ingram
The one most surprised by the selection of this year's Community Papers of Florida (CPF) Terry Hisken Award may have been the recipient.

Jennifer Ingram of TheFlyer.com in Tampa was instrumental in establishing the award. She worked with Terry for a number of years and together they provided the funds that made CPF a success.

In making the presentation, CPF President Charlie Delatorre said, "It is my pleasure to present the fourth annual Terry Hisken Telemarketing Excellence Award to a member of the Community Papers of Florida who excels in telemarketing.

"The award was established in Terry's honor to recognize a rep that exhibits a great attitude in working with people, and who greatly increased the number of ads sold over the previous year.

"Terry was a telemarketing rep for TheFlyer.com in Tampa for a number of years. She was a special person who sold hundreds of ads for the Community Papers of Florida classified network. She was a great leader and a genuinely nice person who loved to help telemarketing reps excel at their jobs.

"This year we have broken away from the tradition of honoring a telemarketing rep. This year's recipient has excelled in classified sales in the past, and as a telemarketing manager has provided this association with over $2 million in revenue over the years.

"We are proud to present a check for $500 and the perpetual Terry Hisken Telemarketing Excellence Award, an award she helped establish, to Jennifer Ingram, who leads the telemarketing department at TheFlyer.com in Tampa, Florida."

Ingram started her career in 1980 as a private party rep for the Polk Shopper in Lakeland. In 1984 she was hired by The Flyer and within months had moved up the ranks into management. She is a TLI graduate and currently serves as the Director of Sales for TheFlyer.com telemarketing department in Tampa.


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