2010 "Best of the Best" Contest Winners
The 2010 "Best of the Best" contest (Part 2) ran from May 1, 2010, to December 15, 2010. It was a points contest that awarded four points for each full run ad placed, three points for each ad placed minus Miami, and two points for each partial run ad placed. Both the WINNERS of the "Best of The Best" annual points contest and the WINNERS' MANAGERS received cash prizes in time for a Christmas shopping spree!

In a new twist this year, the top 10 performers received cash prizes as follows: $1,500 for first place, won by Anna Vasquez; $1,000 for second place, won by Ann Waite; $800 for third place, won by Pam Slaven; $700 for fourth place, won by Eileen Huneycutt; $600 for fifth place, won by Christy Crouch; $500 for sixth place, won by Linda Bedard; $400 for seventh place, won by Melissa Kordewich; $300 for eighth place, won by Laura Frimer; $200 for ninth place, won by Tammy MacWay; and $100 for tenth place, won by Astrid Massey.

In addition to the points accumulation listed above, there was also a monthly "New Advertiser" sales rep reward. For each new advertiser placed, the rep received an additional two points and $25. If the new advertiser ran twice (consecutively), the rep received an additional four points and $50; for three consecutive placements, the rep received six points and $75; and for four consecutive placements, the rep received eight points and $100.

CPF kicked off another new contest at the annual conference in May, which ended in a tie! Fortunately, the winning reps - Anna Vasquez and Eileen Huneycutt - are both from the same publication, Hometown News. They received $1,000 to host a party for their telemarketing department, which they recently held at Benihana's.

In addition to the annual CPF points contest (above), reps also had a chance to win a week-long cruise for two in a **WILD CARD** Contest that ran from January 1, 2010, through December 31, 2010. To enter, a rep had to sell ONE NEW CUSTOMER EACH & EVERY MONTH in 2010. Anna Vasquez won First Prize, a week-long cruise for two; there were no winners of the Second Prize (a weekend cruise to the Bahamas) or the Third Prize (a weekend at a Disney Hotel).

Flyers with the final standings in all the 2010 contests are attached below.



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